tierra skin care is handmade from pure ingredients,
using the finest herbs and oils to soothe, protect, heal and nourish your body
TierraBalm TierraHealing TierraRelaxing

skin balm
a healing, moisturizing blend of herbs and oils formulated to rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin while stimulating circulation. rich in beta-carotene, skin balm was created to provide nourishment to environmentally damaged skin and keep you looking fresh and healthy.
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healing salve
a soothing healing blend of herbs to relieve dry chapped skin, surface burns, bites and stings, sunburn, rashes and any type of skin irritation. healing salve encourages the healing of woulds by promoting cell growth and repair. it soothes and relieves.
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relaxing salve
a calming, relieving blend of herbs formulated to soothe sore aching muscles, backaches, stiffness and bruising. relaxing salve penetrates the skin to provide relief from swelling and pain from overexertion, injuries or physical trauma.
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cielo aromatic mists are derived from flowers and herbs
to relax, invigorate or balance your being and environment
CieloEnergize CieloCalm CieloCleanse

a refreshing aromatic mist to energize, uplift and rejuvenate. spray around your body or any space that you want to invigorate and revitalize. breathe deeply and feel your energy rise. a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, grapefruit and ginger.
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a calming aromatic mist to relieve stress and clear and quiet your mind. spray around your body or any space that you want to lighten, calm and relax. breathe deeply and feel yourself unwind. a blend of bergamot, lavender, cedarwood and ylang ylang.
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a cleansing aromatic mist to remove negativity, purify and restore balance. spray around your body or any space that you want to move heavy energy. breathe deeply and shift your energy. a blend of juniper berry, rosemary, cypress and sage.
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fuego incense is a blend of sacred herbs used for ceremony, meditation or ritual
FuegoSmoke smoke
a blend of palo santo, white sage, cedar, lavender and copal resin for ceremony, meditation or ritual. a quiet time to sit and reflect. an offering to the earth or others, a sign of gratitude. charcoal briquet included.
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agua flower essences use the healing energy
from fresh flowers to heal, uplift or balance your spirit
AguaJoy AguaChange AguaHeal
rose flower essence... a drop of heavenly peace. when it all gets to be to much and you need to put a smile back on your face and in your heart, the beauty of rose will help you get there.
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geranium flower essence is helpful in times of transition. life is always changing - geranium will help you be flexible and grow as you move through the layers of life.
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lavender flower essence will give you the tranquility to mend what has been broken. a few drops and the energy of lavender will give you strength needed to move forward.
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